Regarding recent events

After reading slanderous fabrications sent our way, and receiving concerns from several members, we feel we need to address the situation whereby another “business” has accused us of copyright infringement, and of operating at a level that is less than above board.

We would like to first state that we had endeavored to rise above this type of unprofessional, and frankly immature, behavior and conduct. We are well-familiar with the individual operating this business, and we are well-familiar with the underhanded tactics that they’ve engaged in. These include throwing around names assumed are involved with PixelAddictions business operations, blackmail (yes, actual blackmail), and ridiculous claims and threats against several on our team; to include our extended family members. And we’ve ignored it.

The individual behind all this entered Metropolis several months ago as a member and immediately set about criticizing the community and making change demands of us. Once the individual realized that they were not going to get their way they set about trying to purchase what they believed to be a viable business from an individual who allowed it to crash and burn.

Remember. That business left hundreds of loyal members adrift, and out a lot of money.

No “license” exists, only promises and handshake deals behind doors. Extensive due diligence was performed prior to opening Eden and Metropolis. That is not something that can be said for this other company. There have been many bold and inaccurate statements made by the individual who is now attempting to take the leadership reins, and we do see how it can be appealing to think you’ll get back your old virtual life.

We urge caution. That is all. Don’t invest your emotions again in something and someone who has a proven track record of doing the wrong thing.

The negativity, the blatant lies, all of it is an effort to undermine what we’ve spent more than 3 years building with Eden and Metropolis. We have and always will be a community.

We operate a legal business, and we have the right to operate our business from the legitimate owners of the underlying technology. We do not operate the business for financial gain, and we’ve made this VERY clear from the get-go. The business is self-sufficient. And that is all we’ve ever needed it to be.

Several have left our shores to seek out paying work through this other business. We understand that money is a strong motivator, and we would never seek to halt your right to seek out an income. Please know, however, that we will not permit anyone to spend their time in Metropolis causing instability and attempting to undermine what we have ALL worked so hard to establish.

Again, we understand the allure of trying to regain a former virtual life. We all lost so much. But we stood together, as a community, and rallied. Metropolis is not perfect, but we are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our growing community.

In summation:

  • PixelAddictions, LLC is a legitimate business
  • PixelAddictions, LLC has full written permission, with backup documentation, to operate our worlds directly from Fujitsu
  • We do not plan on going anywhere, despite rumors to the contrary; despite the bullying and underhanded blackmail tactics from the other “business” in question
  • We need your support, if you want to continue to be part of our growing family of friends and part of something special then stick with us. We’ve loved having you all here and want to continue to move forward together

Going backwards rarely brings about positive changes. Metropolis, our home, will continue to move forward.

Metropolis online!

Metropolis is back online, thank you for your patience!

We had connectivity issues with our data center whereby the server was still online, but unaccessible to the world at large. The server itself is fine and has actually got an uptime of 568 days currently with no restarts. This was a temporary network outage and not something that could have been avoided.

However it is still an issue that concerns us and is one of the reasons why we have been working on an entirely new server build to allow us the ability to detect this and automatically handle it when necessary. All part of our massive upgrade plan that we are working on for the you, the community. Without you we would not have a home.

Connectivity Issues

We are currently investigating the connectivity issues that are going on at the moment. We will post more news as we have it and keep you informed! Thank you for your patience.

Metropolis Rollback

We apologize for the crashing that occurred this evening. This was due to us implementing something on the server side and running into an issue we didn’t anticipate. On the plus side, this has been very helpful for helping us debug the new server!

We have rolled Metropolis back to maintenance this morning in order to ensure there are no issues moving forward.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

June 2017 MetroGear catalog

The June 2017 MetroGear catalog is live and available to browse over at

Don’t forget you can also visit the showrooms in Metropolis too!

Transitioning over to

Over the next few days, the old MetroWorlds domain will be going dark. Right now, this will mean that the launcher will be temporarily unavailable (we will be bringing that back online shortly).

However in the meantime, please bookmark the following link in order to be able to login to Metropolis if you do experience launcher issues:

New pricing structure

We have some exciting news to share!

As our team is working hard to enhance your experience in Metropolis, with several amazing updates and upgrades, we’ve taken steps to restructure available subscriptions.

Starting with our new price plans. The following is the breakdown of our new value-packed price plans.

Single: $3.50
Dual: $6.50
Triple: $9.50
Quad: $12.50


3 Months:
Single: $10.48
Dual: $19.48
Triple: $28.48
Quad: $37.48

6 Months
Single: $20.97
Dual: $38.97
Triple: $56.97
Quad: $74.97

12 Months
Single: $41.94
Dual: $77.94
Triple: $113.94
Quad: $149.94

You can access Metropolis with your single avatar for the cost of a cheeseburger, or a latte! You can now upgrade from a single avatar to a dual avatar for less than what our old pricing plans offered!

In addition, we are exploring options to add additional avatars to each account. If you are interested in adding up to 8 avatars on your account, please let us know so that we can work it out for you.

Current prepaid accounts will be handled individually to ensure each is given a fair extension of the time left on the account. We have been reaching out to prepaid account owners, one-by-one, to ensure this is handled fairly, and correctly. We didn’t forget you.

The new pricing will take effect on June 1st.

We are also exploring some great new ideas for MetroGear, including wonderful new art, new heads, new interactive pets, budget-friendly accessory bundles, and discounted prepaid cards that will allow you to get your favorite items for less.

Keep in mind that we are always looking to expand our team! If you are looking to contribute to your community, and help out your family and friends with inworld concerns, please send an email to support to express your interest in joining our Advisor or Build teams.

Remember that Metropolis is YOUR home, so please continue to email support with any suggestions you may have so that we can continually work toward improving your inworld experience.

May Special MetroGear catalog

We have a May Special catalog available for browsing over in the MetroGear building or on

Something old and something new!

Downtime – May 20th, 2017

We apologize for todays downtime, it’s related to the avatar database issue that has been mentioned in the past. Luckily, we have a fix in place on the latest server build which we will be testing later on in the year. In the meantime though, we are revamping our downtime procedure to make it so this issue is contained as much as possible until that time.

Thank you for your patience.

E-mail issues

Whilst we’ve finished transitioning over to our new host and domain, there are still some e-mail issues occurring when we send e-mails from our domain to some of the bigger free e-mail hosts (Such as Hotmail, outlook, gmail, etc).

We are in contact with them and hope to have things resolved as soon as possible.

If you are waiting for a reply from the support e-mail address and you have an e-mail account hosted by one of these companies then please bear with us.